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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  July 5, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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now on fox 45 early editionú recognizing innependence day the celebrationssthat took place in the city and across the u.s. viollnce? if baltimore how the police plans to stop it over the weekend turned out. following the perception following the oil spill for bp. good morning you're taking a live look there along sandy
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state point park, a road that headed home from the beech from3 ú%e fourth of july weekend. so far so good.3 there's ot too much folks many of them up watching the welcome to fox 45 early decision. if you are up early you are probably working like e are. ú%ny pagnotti is here with the details. happy 5th of july to you. >> we are gging to ceeebrate mother nature.3 big cook oot. we have weather headlines for you on the 5th of july, hot aad hot and hotter. it's triple digits code red in effect. take it easy. our normal high should be
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85 degrees. we melt that f course, here we go, 77 at the inner harbor, dew poiit is at 50. other state temperatures will be pushing 80 degrees by thh 8:00 houu. no ain. we need the rain, could useeto cool off but get the green. we will top out at 100 by 6:00, 97 degrees, cooling ddwn to 97 of the a hot 1 in baltimore aggin today. thaak you all for comiigg3 downtown to baltimore to celebrate our nation's bbithday together. >> take a look lighting up the skies aatthe city's inner her bore foharborfor the fourth of l celebration. it celebrates our inddpendence dayytogether. the have focus by the pplice at the inner harbor was a ssccess
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with no mange ow major incidento report but other parts of the city it was a holiday. joel is live withhthe latest on the multiple shootings. >> reporter: the police presence was obvious here at the for the people wwo came to the festivittes they did leave save. it wasn't that way in the rest ú% the city. there were two murders and shootings overnight. we are talking about the police teg us that the first one took place in the 2,000 inner cirrle. that teen will survive the other 1 was at interseetion of forest the lateet, ttat ssooting happened northeast, 2648 garrett the side there.ttmale shot in
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the shootings came overnight 24 hours earlier. a 24-year-old man wws shot and killed being hit in the head nú around 1:00 on sunday morning, jason rogers was shot in the head along north patte!! patterk hospital where he was pronounced dead. ú%of you enjoyed your night in1 baltimore and come down to >> reporter: that's the contrast, certainly the ciiy is happy that the emphasis on the inner harbor worked. it included a newer of undercover officers, and troopers from the marylann state police keeping the peace around.
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it marks the 3rd weekend with a high number of shootings including the weekend at the inner harbor. police are happy he wwy it turned out here, but the emphasis should not be just here but when it comes to resources it's hard to manage things ll %-joel d smith, fox fraifl 45 ey edition. police say corey powell shot and killed canada early is sunday morning in essex. they cannot imagine what had led to the shooting. ú%eir brother had just graduated from high chool and had a promising future. >> you look forward o august to going to culinary schooo and this is devastating. thht was my heart. p> powell is facing first-degree
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right now he is being held without bail at the baltimooe county department center. he is expecttd to have a bail review tomorrow. a fist fight turns deadly when the victim hitt his head falling to the grrund. shock messages remain where he died at princeton terrace. raeki wassat a party when he got into a fight. the medical examiner rulee hat he dded from fro trauma. police arrested a man charge him with rrckless ndangerment and second degree assault. land apartment and seveeely damaged several units. look at the flames. at least 20 people lost their home and their belongings, the red cross is providing them wit.
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>> every timm you have 20 people out on the street it's a sad thing. i think we cannbe hardened that there were no fatalities. >> one firefighter was injured blaze.e fell while battling the the cost of the fire is still investigation. the heat continnes to beat ddwn onnthat because of the3 outside, baltimooe is unddr a code red heat aaert again today3 and through wedneeday, triple digits wier seein we're seeing . baltimore and several %-cooling severalú they should have ater and ice for you. residentssshould call 311 for the hours and the latest on the center beffre heading to one. %-house today be aware there's o light rail service and they are closing that area frrm noo
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through saturday for track repairs on howard street, shuttle buss will be taking riders between those stops. the d.c. metro removed 100 rail cars from service because of problems that could the doors to open while tte cars are on service. service nd have been performinn tests. the rail cars will be put back inno service each day as the repairs are finished. it's a scary service with aú is trapped inside of the dooosú of the metro train. the 4-year-old was insidd the lanes when he got odged inside the doors. the mother struggled outside of the doors outside to try to pry the doors open. another passenger helped outside. >> it seemed to open for a second and then it closed aggin and it was i a very iitense
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moment then. >> both mother and child are the case is still under investigation. more than 400,000 peoole fluked t!!flocked to d.c. for t3 celebration. on lookers went to the mall last night for the colorful isplay which lasted 17 minutes. the president and his guests watched which includee 1200 troops of families. performers include david aachuleta glaays knight and reba mcentire. people were expected to aatend the independeeceeday parade yesterday. it iicludessed floats and performees dressed as thomas
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jee!!jefferson and pressdent f my favorite parttof the ffurth oo july, the eating contest. jjsie ches!chestnut won it for e 4th year..3 dogs. he wins $20,000 for this and of couuse, he gets to keep his possessson of the mustarr belt for another year. hard the old ime i. i don't thhnk anybody woold have hhd trouble putting up with me today. >> one f chestnut's biggest rifles id not compete. he was arrested before this competition.ú he ppu up a fight after reffsing leagueeeating. the fourth of july is a crucial economic barometer for economic business h.
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many vacationers are keeping their distance and somm businesses are noticing. >> reporter: while many %-they have to share with crews. cleaninn up tar balls and oily sand. >> we are cleaning it up now. >> reporter: gulf coast beaches are usually packed with hundreds of thousands of sun lovers overrthe long holiday weekeed. the bp oil spill seeming to wash thee away. >> this is the busieet day, week of the year for us. whether it's aaprofitable year %->> reporter: repercussions from the spill are expectee to >> his is year for january, february, and it's not that you're profitable for this week. %--noughhto ssstain it through e
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off season..3 >> reporter: thhse affected3 should a pl apply for compensat. >> i want to maximize as much %-and effectively tt the people3 i'm trying to servv out there. >> reporter: theeskimmer ship the a wwale will be able to ake it in oily water,,clean it aad sea water into the gulf, whilehe for more ccstomers. >> we need more of hem to come >> reporter: as far as the trowrist and thtrowristtourist y weekend, it looks for like the dead of winner. vice president biden and his wife jill spent the weekend
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visiting the troops of the ú-importance oo moving a rack to an independent democracy. announced. powell has more dettils from %->> reporter: federrl david petraeus assumes his spot as the commmnder of tte forces in afganistan. nnto nd afghanoffssmust work together to defeat a stiffen me. >> we must ddmonstrate tt the people and the talibbn to afghan guard the afghan people nd ú%ere in thissto win that is oor cleaa objective. >> reporter: petraeuu will and praised mcchrystal who was fired ater making unflatteriig3
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comments about he obama administration in a rolling stone magazzne. >> no onne id more than helping ú% get the inputs right than -eneral mc chrystal. -> reporter: the assaults in july of 2011. senator joe lieberman thee3 says leaving without stabilizing american security. >> in we pull out it's going to energize the radical islamic, terrorist groups around the world. >> reporter:: other lawmakers agree it's important to defeat the taliban and insurgents bbfore pulling out. >> we are hereebecause it's in our national interest to secure this country. our commitment must bb we succeed and then we will withdraw. >> reporter: petraeus is mist anddjune was deadlieet months since the star of wall.
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in the early edition,3 republican chairman michael comments. >> this is the war -- >> how people in maryland are reacting o his words. %-this early 5th of july enjjy the cool temperatures innthe
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how ould you like a little -ip-hop with yourrforecast? >> it is 804, everybodd, oh, yes, the rapping man is back doing what i do best. iim a weather man. i got my weathhr map. if you have a weather question, go ahead and ask. >> what is today's forecass. >> a weather man in texas is -is deliiery. once a month, nick raps his practice a year ago when the city of bow wa!beaumonttwas in e middle oo a long drought.
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he didn't want his forecast to becooe to negative he started rapping t. tony pagnotti is going to follow-up aarap of his own. don't you hate weather guys who don't take the weather -eriously. come on.ú >> rap the ffrecast. >> i will work on it but for no3 -he rap is a hot one. a lot of hot air is coming out of this forecaster this morning and wow, we're goinn to be seeiig and feeling a hint of things to comee already, 77 in charm city. 74 in hagerstown, cooler around the easteen show, 68 ddgrees in salisbury. show you, we wish we could show yoo some rain, folks. we do nned it in more ways than
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one, some the lawns are tuuning into straw. -.c. at 5 miles per our. no breezes to catth road to just ú%lot of the heat. here are the dew points, when you're in the 60s that's %-put ttat togetter with the fob teeinto bb eeling the oppre we will put thh map in motion. we haveea big high pressure entrench trenched wit!!!ed witt3 going to keep it awayment we will be baking over the next couple of days witt temperatures in thh tripleedigits riggt through wednesday, before even the 90s will cool down the latter part of the weee. today, the bake is 95, ot and sunny, the high tide later on this afternoon after lunchtime,
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tonnght overright low temperatures. ú% is where we should be for the higgest temperature this ttme of year, 1011in street today,,winds -gain west at 5 mmles per hour. another 102 and here comms the cool down thursday and friday. temmeratuues only in the upper 90s. you know, you could be in charge of your oww personal ice forecast, i radar is aaailabll atú you can use the interactive tools tt track any cominggstoomú downnto your street, go to see our favorite idol contestantsslive in concert on us. >> you got to be ♪3 ♪ and i arena on july 24th.rst mariner
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sometime this mornnnn we are tickkts to the show. pair of worries because we're going tt need to stay tuned for a chance -o win. %-how many jobs were lost in jue and why the information is so alarming. >> this was a war of obama. p> did the former lieutenant governor make a the first time that i saw a sporting event on fios, in high definition... see detail that you didn't even know was there! and i'm standing like a little kid saying, "wow!" [ male announcer ] as if verizon fios wasn't amazing enough, we've added something new, a worry free guarantee. if you're not completely satisfied, you have the freedom to cancel. there's no term contract required. [ henry ] the fios installation was wonderful. i actually sent a note to the service guy, i was so pleased. [ male announcer ] time to switch to fios. call 1.888.get.fios. [ dennis ] you couldn't make me give up fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v.
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reppblican public chairman michael steele is under fire once again. this time about the omments he made about afganistan. we are shown why conservaaives including someehere in maryland believe that the he crossed -ine. >> reporter: republican share man michael sttele seen here on the left calling the waa in afganistan, calling it owe bam's choosing. >> thii is not sometting that the united states. >> reeorter: steele who is maryland's former lieutenant friday at a connecticut -undraaser. at the celebration of
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independence rally in bel air, many conserratives ssy they do nnt agree with phil thomas. >> the warrwws there before obbma started there. it was sometting wee tarted. >> i don't think that the uniied states and its people really want war. i think thht it's a necessary evil that sometimes we have to engageein. >> reporter: while steele has become known for making controversial statements, these latest comments have prompted a well known conservative, commentator bill chrystal to >> he is oing a grred job. good job. he should be oor senator and i have no probbem. >> it's strong for him to resign. i would thiik, he strongly consider his situation, his position before he says some the ttings that he says. >> reporter: phil releasedda
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-- steele rellased a statement saying that there'ssno question that the u.s. has to win the wa3 on terror. it's a position that falls more in line with the republican party than what has been viewed online. >> a spokesman for the democratic pprty says that steele should remember that the united states was attackedd3 before with went to fganistan. later on the early edition, saying a final good bu byeeto senator signal.
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airborne. beautiful. and strong. there to ensure the most powerful transmitter is you. rule the air. sobering numbers on june
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jobsment stan case has more on today's business brief. >> reporter: a disappointiig jobs report ccused another loss on wall treet on friday. the dow dropped 46 points to close at 9,686. it's the dow sefgh 7th loss in a row. the markets are closed monday ffr the fourth of julyy3 holiday. for the ffrst tiie this year the u.s. economy lost jobs. the laborrdepartment says 100,000 jobsswere eliminated in june.
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while modest hiring did take place in the sector it was all end by the sentus position. the report shows that the unemployment rate dipped lower from 9.5%. apple will have a ssrprisingly easy solution for one of the i phhnes. it hhs discovered the reasons behind the reception problems. it's been using the wrong ffrmmla ann in the upcoming days the fix will be good for the second, 3rd and 4th the upgrade willlfix the signal display issue but it willlnot improve reception. i phone customers have reportedú issues with the reception since thh release of the i phone. i'm stan case. stay tuued for the roundupú %-around the partiee and he police presence in
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the inner harbor thii weekend was obvious. i'm joel d smith. ss keep in


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